5 Signs that it's Time for Cooling System Repair

5 Signs that it's Time for Cooling System RepairThe moment you fire up your vehicle, your engine temperature begins a rapid ascent. If your cooling system isn't functioning properly, your engine is liable to overheat, which could cause serious trouble. Your cooling system consists of your radiator, fan, thermostat, as well as other parts. If any of these parts isn't working like it should, then you'll want to soon get to the shop. Here's a look at five signs of a cooling system problem.

High Reading on Temp Gauge

If the temp gauge on your dashboard has swiftly shot upward or slowly crept into the red zone, you'll want to get off the road and call up a reputable mechanic who can help you determine if your vehicle should be driven.


Smoke billowing out from under your hood means that you should pull over as soon as you can safely do so, and then you'll probably need to add coolant and/or water.

Low Coolant Level

If something is causing your coolant level to significantly drop, then you'll want to get your car to the shop so your mechanic can identify the underlying issue. When coolant leaks internally, it can become burned up in your engine's combustion chamber.

White Exhaust Smoke

This suggests that coolant is indeed burning up in the engine. Anytime that exhaust smoke is discolored, you'll want to get to the shop for diagnostics.

External Coolant Leak

Every now and again, it's good practice to scan over the ground where your vehicle is often parked and check for evidence of automotive fluid leaks. An accumulation of bright green fluid is an indication of an external coolant leak.

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