4 Common Transmission Repairs

4 Common Transmission RepairsAutomatic and manual transmissions are both complicated mechanisms with many intricate parts that work together to help propel your car forward, and backward, for that matter! If any of these parts fail you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road. These are four common transmission problems that can happen if your car is not properly maintained or has high mileage. If you experience any transmissions issues be sure to schedule an appointment at a professional auto repair repair shop that will diagnose and fix the problem correctly the first time.

Bad Clutch

A common issue with manual transmissions that have been driven hard or have high mileage is a bad clutch. Clutch repair may require replacement or adjustment, depending on its condition. The most common sign of a bad clutch is the burning paper smell often associated with people first learning how to drive a stick. However, you may also experience a spongy clutch or the clutch pedal may get stuck near the floor if it is time for repair.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Many transmission problems can be attributed to operating the transmission with low tranny fluid. Without the fluid the transmission can't shift smoothly, or in some cases at all. If you find a reddish liquid puddling in your driveway then you're sure to have a transmission leak that will need to be addressed right away.

Bad Transmission Solenoid

Transmissions solenoids control the flow of transmission fluid through the system. They can become damaged when a vehicle is operated with low transmission fluid. Signs of a failing solenoid are grinding gear noises or hard, clunky shifting. If you don't find a leak but still have transmission trouble, your solenoid should be inspected next.

Faulty Torque Converter

The most common issue with the torque converter is worn or damaged needle bearings. Bad bearings will cause a whining noise while in driving gears, but not in neutral. Any odd noises that occur while shifting warrant a trip to the mechanic.

If you experience any of these issues take your vehicle to an auto repair facility right away to avoid even costlier repairs. For expert transmission repair in Columbia, SC, bring your car to Team 1 Automotive. Our team of professional auto and transmission repair techs are highly qualified to care for your car, no matter what trouble it is suffering from. Give our friendly crew a call at (803) 828-0217 to request superior auto repair in Columbia, SC, or the surrounding area.

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