Tough "Brake" - 6 Signs it is Time for Brake Repair

Car Trouble that Stinks!There are many ways to figure out that a car is having operational trouble. The most common types of symptoms are strange noises, weird vibrations, performance decreases and dashboard indicator lights. In addition to these you may encounter an odd smell. Many car problems will cause odors, which is a smelly observation that should make you want to drive straight to the auto shop. Here are five car problems often identified by the smell they create.

Burning Clutch

If you catch a whiff of something that smells like burnt paper, it may be time for clutch repair. This is especially true if the odor is most prevalent as you switch gears. You'll likely recognize this smell from when you were first learning how to accelerate out of first gear when driving a manual transmission.

Mold in the AC

If it smells like dirty gym clothes or a musty basement in your car there is a good chance that mold has started growing in your AC and heater vents. The best way to deal with this is to roll all of the windows down and blast the heat on full for 20 to 30 minutes, as this can kill and remove the mold.

Coolant Leak

No, you're not smelling pancakes and maple syrup while driving. Coolant has an incredibly sweet smell that is often compared to maple. Don't let your nose trick you, as this sweet smell indicates big trouble. Get to the auto repair shop ASAP before your car's engine begins to overheat.

Burning Oil

There's no real comparative for this one. If you smell oil burning it's probably because oil is burning! This will occur if leaks in the cylinders allow for oil to get into the combustion chamber and be burnt up with the gas and air mixture. Left unaddressed this will lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Overheating Brake Pads

The odor of burning hair or carpet can generally be attributed to overheating brake pads. This is likely to occur during long periods of braking, such as when going down a long hill or mountain, or if you've left the parking brake on. If the parking brake is not on it likely means your car is due for new brake pads.

At Team 1 Automotive we're able to conduct expert diagnostics to pinpoint strange odors coming from your car. If you've caught a whiff of something weird and need auto repair in Columbia, SC, be sure to stop by. Our auto repair staff will happily chat with you about the symptoms you're experiencing. To learn more or to schedule quality auto repair in Columbia give us a call at (803) 828-0217 today.

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