Quick Tips for Boosting MPGs

Quick Tips for Boosting MPGsWith gas prices still rather high, you want to make sure that you save every penny possible while at the pump. To optimize your fuel-efficiency, there are several measures you can take, some of which you can easily take care of yourself, while others can be done quickly and affordably at the shop. Here's a look at six simple tips for increasing gas mileage.

New Spark Plugs

Old, dirty plugs are liable to misfire. Over the course of many miles, this can lead to significant fuel waste.

Replace Air Filter

This can be done at the shop in practically no time. A new filter allows the optimal amount of air to reach the combustion chamber, which helps to keep your engine from burning more fuel to make up for a lack of air.

Proper Tire Inflation

Because soft rubber requires much more power to roll forward, under-inflated tires can have a detrimental impact on your MPGs.

Correct Motor Oil

Certain engines are designed to work with certain types of oil. If you use a heavier-weighted oil, then the resulting friction could cause your engine to work harder, consequently reducing your gas mileage.

Proper Fuel Grade

If your vehicle requires mid-grade or above, it's important that you adhere to that guideline. Otherwise, you could find yourself with reduced fuel-efficiency, as well as trouble with your engine.

Tight Gas Cap

A loose or ill-fitting gas cap can result in the evaporation of fuel before you even get the chance to put it to use.

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